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Oh jeez… I haven’t been on tumblr for so long. I STILL REMEMBER MY PASSWORD WOOTWOOT. OKAY, SO THE REASON FOR MY COMING BACK IS BECAUSE… -nanananana- TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESSICATRAN! Yeah I can do that on Facebook too but I wanted to make something special. LOOK I HAVE MOST OUR SIXTH GRADE PHOTOS!!!! God I looked so annoying.. LOLOL. Anyway, HAPPY FREAKING BIAJEROIJFOSDAY!!! You’re finally my age, AYEE?!!? Okay I’m  hoping you still follow me or else this would’ve been useless… AND I’m trying to write this while keeping my little brother away from my picture of Boo Boo Stewart that he keeps stealing… AJ;SKDJF BACK TO BUSINESS. I was on your tumblr and I saw that Justin Bieber picture you reblogged “For Vy,” and I spazzed out. LOL. TO START THINGS OFF, I JUST WANTED TO SAY YOU’RE LIKE, MY BEST FRIEND, MY NEIGHBOR, SU CASA ES MI CASA, because I go to your house practically every day.. I LIKE TYPING IN CAPS, JUST SAYIN’. We’ve done and gone so many places together. LIKE DISNEYLAND~ And my first time at Knott’s with you for Kiwin’s :3 And we always have the same ideas or minds, THOSE TIMES I’D BE LIKE, HEY GUESS WHAT? And then you’d say, ASHLFJSLKFSF? And I’d be like, omg how’d you know. OR in scrubbie year, you’d ALWAYS be like, “HEY VY, IT’S _____ TRAN!” And I’d be like OMGSHUTUPLOLOL. And that one time I screamed out OMG IT’S HIM, and he turned around… ;__; That one time we were walking home, and there was this guy in front of us, and we were just like, who dat. And I whisperd out YO. But he still turned around.. That one time we were at the supermarket, and we were gaining up on Allison, and that one guy came up to us and said, “HeeYY, don’t beat her up, she my friend!” ROFL. omg jayden is tearing up that poster you made me for my birthday in 7th grade brbrbrb. Anyway, remember in 8th grade, when Let Me Hear Your Voice came out, and we always sang it during PE? AND WE SAT NEAR EACH OTHER TOO, LIKE A BOSS. And that first day of 8th grade, when I told you I had Olsen for History 3rd, and you were like omg no way. TWO CLASSES TOGETHER, WIN! And then I got caught cheating and she moved me to 1st.. LOL ANYWAY, ‘member in sixth grade, we’d always go to in-n-out and stuff. And Tammy would keep talking and we’d be like, FINISH YOUR BURGER. That one time we went to Souplantation, and when Tammy went to the restroom, we filled her entire cup with milk, and my mom wouldn’t let her leave until she finished it, and we just ran out of the restaurant LOLOL. Your celebrity obsession is nothing compared to your Dream High obsession because you’re always talking about it and I’m just walking right next to you like omg Koreans are taking over her mind. LOLJK but you get the point. That one time you had tennis practice, and Allison and I were like LET’S GO WATCH JESSICA! Oh man, your practice was brutal. WE FELT BAD FOR YOU GUYS TOO LOL. Or that one time when you still lived in your town house, and we were playing hide-n-seek, I FREAKING GOT LOST BECAUSE YOUR TOWNHOUSE NEIGHBORHOOD WAS LIKE A FREAKING GIGANTIC PARK. And I couldn’t find my way back to your house and I was freaking out. Or about three weeks ago, we went to visit HTRAn at FVHS, and we saw the stage spell “Baron Priae” LOL. AND OUR EPIC NERFGUN FIGHT AFTERWARDS. Going back in the summer~ Ohoh, that one day we were watching A Walk to Remember at my house, and the girl screamed I HAVE LEUKEMIA! And I yelled OH NO, SHE HAS IMMATURE BLOOD CELLS. And you yelled back SHUT UP. I always play pranks on your sister, idk why, maybe it’s because she’s a scrub. OHOHO, that one day when it was Jayden’s party and everyone was playing that zombie game :3 &WHEN we played hide-n-seek at WestMall and we thought that was one of the best Kiwin’s event evar. So overall, I’m just saying we have a lot of memories together. AND DESK BUDDIES IN FOURTH GRADE. And in the sixth grade orchestra picture, when we did that bow thing to Joseph’s head! OMGLAUGHS. If I wrote all our memories down, it would probably be like the hp series. OH AND, we’ve been trick or treating together since like, seventh grade. And in sixth grade when you didn’t go trick-or-treating, Tammy and I always went to your house and we took all your good candy LOL FUNTIMES. WHEN YOU WON STUDENT OF THE YEAR IN SIXTH GRADE TOO! One of your greatest achievements. 



Last time on tumblr, kbye. 

: what do people mean when you "kiss thru the phone"


This is my point of view and it’s going to be stupid. Okay, kissing through the phone… I don’t have a problem with that, but… I’ve always wondered. What if you had an orgasm when you kiss through the phone!? Obviously, one of them will want to do the “bang bang.” OH GOD, I’ve always wondered if…


B: I'm a good teacher for people
B: They're always like "what? what what?"


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I <3 YOUR FLANNEL W! LOLOLL. Looks exactly like my old one ;). Where the hell is this?

LOLOL ikr cao? xD





So last Wednesday, my cousins (Jennifer, Julia, Vincent) invited me to go to Universal Studios with them on Saturday, which was yesterday, because their dad’s company had this annual picnic thing and tickets and food were free, yada yada yada. So I woke up around 6:50 yesterday, and I THOUGHT the original plan was just us 4, because i thought there were just 4 tickets. But when I got to my cousin’s house, Julia told me there were SIX tickets, and Jennifer wasn’t going to go anymore because she went to work that morning. So we were like, “WHATTT, SIX TICKETS? WE NEED 3 MORE PEOPLE.” Then my mom was like,” OHOHOH I WANT TO GO, I’LL INVITE YOUR DAD TOO.” And I was like, “NOOOOOO!” and my aunt started laughing. So my mom went home to tell my dad, and they were like, “Alright, we’re going!” Then we had ONE more ticket, and neither my aunt nor uncle wanted to go because they were going to be home taking care of my little brother, so Julia was like, “OH LET’S INVITE VU!” (my other cousin) so we called him like a gazillion times until he picked up and he told us he had work. Then Julia went all WHAAAAAAAA and my mom told him to call in sick lolol. He did, so we were like, YEEH WE HAVE 6 PEOPLE NOW. We left at like 10ish and drove towards Universal nonstop. When we got in, we were like omgogmgomgomgom what to go on first. And I texted biggy on which rides I went on because he wanted me to tell him my reactions, LOL.

Shrek 4d- We got in line for the show for like 30 minutes, and when the doors  opened for everyone to take theirs seats, we had none -_-. So one of the workers took all the families who didn’t have a seat into another room and gave every family a fast pass :D. We waited until the show ended, so we can see the next one, and before we went back into the auditorium, my mom and cousin went up to one of the guy workers and were like, “Wanna hook me up with another fastpass?” So after that, we had like 5 fastpasses, (one fast pass can hold up to 4 people.) The show was alright, and after that we went on the studio tour.

Studio Tour- We saw the wait time = 65 minutes, and we were like, omgat. So we used one of the fast passes and passed like 100+ people =D. The workers only took one, because we told them we only had one, even though we had six people LOL. I LOVED THAT THING. It’s not really a ride, just a tour around Universal and the sets of all the TV shows, but it’s so interesting. I recorded everything during the 45 minute ride. And the King Kong 3d 360 thing was so cool, i screamed like a little fucker. I recorded that too, and we took an extra pair of 3D glasses, so I put the glasses in front of the camera and it WORKED! But you couldn’t really see anything because i shook the camera too much and I screamed a lot.But it was trippppyyy.

Simpson’s Ride- MY FAVORITE RIDE. We used our fastpasses on ALL the rides because throughout the day, we had like 8 fast passes, and each ride had a wait time of about an hour or more. So groups of 8 went into this room, and before you went on a ride, you had to watch a safety video, blahblah. Then after the safety video, you go into this car like thing, four people in front, four in the back. Since we had 6, there was this couple who was also with us and it was kind of awkward lol. I ran towards the first row because first rows are always the best. After everyone seated, the car is lifted up into this huge room, and you look to your right and left you see the cars of the other rooms too, which is pretty cool. Even though it wasn’t a real real coaster, it was pretty trippy and pretty real. We went on that ride twice, once in the afternoon and another time at night.

Jurassic Park- omgat, that ride was soaking wet -_-. They changed it so much since last time I went there. So in general, you go into this lifeboat thing and venture through dinosaur’s land and get wet from the water drips and crap. But at the end, you go into a dark building, and your lifeboat goes up and there’s this 84 feet vertical drop, which you use to escape a gigantor t-rex. And after you drop, 5000000 gallons of water splashes on you, and everyone’s like JFA;OIJVLKAAAJ D:<. But the ride was alright.

The Mummy- My second favorite ride! It would’ve been my first, but the ride is too short ): So it’s kind of like space mountain, except this is mummy themed. And it’s way shorter. And there’s this one part where “bugs” crawl across your feet and everyone’s stomping their feet, LOL. But first you enter this one room, and this dead mummy guy gives you a curse, and then a gust of wind blows towards you when the doors open, and then it’s like total darkness and everyone starts screaming. Then you hear evil laughter and bugs crawling but you can’t really see much except the light up holograms because the whole ride is super dark. I sat next to my cousin Vu, and throughout the ride, he’s like, “AHHHAHAHAH.” I couldn’t tell if he was screaming or laughing ROFLMAO. Basically, the ride is go forwards, then backwards. Still fun, still fun.

After that we watched four more shows, Animal Actors, Terminator 2:3D, Water world, and Special Effects. Special Effects was alright, but my favorite was either Water World, or Animal Actors.

House of Horrors- I HATE HATE HATE HATE THAT HOUSE. I almost shit my pants. LOL. It was pretty scary, because while you walk through it, monsters pop out of nowhere and start screaming at you. So before you walk inside, a worker tells you, “The live actors are not allowed to touch you.” and I’m like -phew-. But then during the walk, this werewolf with huge ass claws pops out and I start screaming my ass off and yelling to him. “YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH ME, YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH ME!” And he starts reaching his arm to the other side of the rail and trying to block my way when I’m trying to walk past him. Then into this room, there was another werewolf and frankenstein on both sides of the rails, and when my mom was walking past, both of the monsters put their arms out and she was like AAAHHHHHH and fell to the ground. Vincent and I walked past them and were like HIGH FIVE, and they gave it to us LOLOL. In the beginning Vu was all walking alone into the house in front of us, but during the middle-ish he pushed Julia to the front and walked behind, lmfao. In the beginning, I made Vincent give me a piggy back ride because I knew things were going to pop out of nowhere, but he kept going into the random scary rooms because he knew I was scared -_-.

After the House of Horrors, we went on the Simpson’s and the Mummy ride again, and then we headed home because at that time it was getting dark. During the ride, everyone fell asleep except for my dad, because he was driving, and my mom because she was talking on the phone. We stopped by for pho around 11:15 and didn’t get home until around midnight. Overall I had a lot of fun ;D

We took more than 200 pictures, I’ll upload some later.


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